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For nearly a decade now GA Soft has been assisting educational institutions and organisations to effectively meet their unique training and learning needs. Our tailor-made eLearning content solutions simplify the creation of online training courses through a phased approach that covers the planning, implementation and post-implementation maintenance phase.

Guaranteed to enable the long-term success of your learning strategy, our content solutions have been designed to accelerate performance through enhanced engagement and personalised learning. Innovative and interactive, our courses fuse together multiple delivery techniques that include instructor-led training to blended learning and eLearning. Agile and responsive our eLearning solutions are focused on making learning more practical, participative and enjoyable for learners across age-groups and competency levels.

Enabling learners to become more resourceful, creative and ultimately, more productive GA Soft's content solutions can be seamlessly deployed on our inventive education tablet series, Peach EduTab.

Our eLearning content solutions encompass

Our Solutions


In this rapidly changing information-rich digital world educators are constantly faced with the challenge of keeping students engaged while monitoring individual learning. A learning module that strives to develop creative thinking, digital literacy, collaboration and teamwork skills, GA Soft's K12 eLearning content solutions enhances students' attention through interactive classroom management and student response tools that fosters collaborative learning and creativity.

Course Highlights

  • Create collaborative notes and assignments
  • Improve response through polls and quizzes
  • Take learning beyond the campus
  • Collect, grade and give instant, individualised feedback
  • Replay content and archive
  • Enable anywhere, anytime access

GA Soft's Engineering module enables comprehensive collaboration by seamlessly bridging technology and pedagogy to create an in-person learning environment. Deployed on our tablet series Peach EduTab, our engineering suite enables institutions to enhance learning and sustainably optimise student achievement by addressing diverse learning styles.

Allowing students to pursue training at their own time and pace – 24/7 – the course created by subject matter experts includes structured training modules and review exercises that reinforces learning through rich, collaborative content.

Course Highlights

  • AICTE approved curriculum
  • Developed by leading subject-matter experts
  • End-of-course assessment
  • Self-paced, flexible learning modules
  • Rich multi-media learning tools
  • Supports distance learning

GA Soft's Management course effectively covers the basic conceptual framework of business, making it simpler for learners to hone their business administration skills. Created at par with international standards, the course combines theoretical knowledge and business case-studies that promotes better understanding and assimilation.

Emphasising on personal development, the course provides an excellent foundation in business management, leadership skills, human capital management, finance and accounting, and marketing and sales that makes it easier for learners to understand the nuances of Management in their own time, at their own pace!

Course Highlights

  • Covers latest business methodologies
  • Provides innovative learning strategies
  • Rich Graphics and Text
  • Animation
  • Audio and video integration
  • Interactive assessment

GA Soft's Soft Skills module introduces learners to the most vital prerequisite to success in the business world — effective interpersonal communication. Designed to help learners master the fundamentals of business interaction, the course curriculum includes proven communication and persuasion concepts and strategies that are essential in the workplace. Created by leading communication experts and trainers each unit covers key concepts such as Body Language, E-mail Etiquette, Interview and Leadership skills through a fresh, practical approach that can be effortlessly adapted to meet individual needs.

Course Highlights

  • Created by real-world experienced Trainers
  • Proven highly interactive lessons
  • Includes practical Scenarios and Case Studies
  • Self-directed training
  • Structured review exercises